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Since infected women would receive no treatment, and the instrument used was not cleaned or sterilized between patients, the process was clearly done to humiliate the prisoners. However, in the fall ofthousands of Jewish women arrived from Hungary, but there was no place to put them. If you have an older Salon account, please enter your username and password below: Ads are currently disabled. As thousands upon thousands of women poured into the camp, it became a cesspool of filth, disease, and death.

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Sadomasochism politics cinema s". An estimated 26, Jewish women passed through or were murdered at this camp. The camera lingers on each small sunlit face, unfolding each child's individuality even as all the children's expressions melt into a single gaze of hero worship. But at this point in "Hitler Youth," having read densely packed pages about the country's two-decades-old, all-pervading faith in Nazi doctrine, you're hit by the hopelessness of inculcating tolerance and democracy in such a population.

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Kater touches on this quite sensitively in the first few pages, and returns to it in the book's final paragraphs, but the pages in between are woven almost exclusively from statistics and incidents and anecdotes. His conclusion is that while Hitler Youth were not always culpable of Nazi crimes, they were certainly complicit. In personal memoirs, women relate incidents that highlight the traumatic nature of camp internment with its radical assault on their sense of normality. Behind such cultural incentives, of course, lay the fact that the country had been devastated and forced to submit unconditionally to Allied forces. Some died as a result, some were executed, and some survived. Despite writers like Paul Berman who point out that Saddam Hussein's Baath Party borrowed its moves from Hitler as well as Stalin, to most people it seems as though our current global crisis has little to learn from 20th century fascists.

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