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Kiani teaches Anika an extremely valuable lesson about compassion, as their conflict with the US Government continues to escalate beyond the point of no return. As the end of summer nears and her first roller derby bout and middle school! The search for Pasha comes to an end. It's the battle you've all been waiting for again! And what is the ultimate purpose of this gruelling gladiatorial contest?

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Neverboy, a former imaginary friend, does the opposite. When a village of desert ratfolk is massacred, only Kyra and the paladin Seelah are willing to take up their cause and hunt down the bloodsucking monstrosities responsible. Guy Delisle expertly lays the groundwork for a cultural road map of the Holy City, utilizing the classic stranger in a strange land point of view that made his other books required reading for understanding what daily life is like in cities few are able to travel to. Fire and Frost are sexy teenage twins who also happen to be superheroines. She used a spell from the Book of Curses to reunite with her dead father. Unfortunately, he has little interest in fame, even less interest in people, and the peace he has created is based on an illusion.

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