What I’m reading

I seem to have a case of bookus interruptus lately–that is, I start books, but can’t finish them. I have a stack of half-finished paperbacks by my bedside. I haven’t given up on any of them yet, but we’ll see. The last book I actually finished was “The Chief” by Monica McCarty. This was my first McCarty novel, and I enjoyed it, so I’ve embarked an another, one of her Highland books (the exact title escapes me at the moment).
I am eagerly awaiting Deirdre Martin’s newest; I love her hockey books. I’ll also probably pick up Lisa Valdez’s long awaited “Patience.” (I’m going to show a great deal of forebearance here and not make any cracks about the irony of a long-delayed book being called “Patience”.)
Outside the romance millieu, I’m working my way through Doris Kearns Goodwins’ “Team of Rivals” about the cabinet of Abraham Lincoln. Always nice to mix a little gravitas in with the fun stuff.
So what am I missing? Any recommendations for me?

About Linda Morris

Linda Morris is a multipublished writer of contemporary and historical romance. She writes stories with heart and heat, and a joke or two thrown in. When she's not writing, working, or mommying, she's doing yoga, reading, working in her flower garden, or baking delicious things she probably shouldn't eat. A beat-up old copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss's "Ashes in the Wind" that her mom bought for her at a garage sale years ago was her "gateway drug" into the world of romance novels. Her all-time favorite romance writers include Laura Kinsale, Patricia Gaffney, Elizabeth Delancey, and Marjorie Ferrell. Current favorites include Julie Anne Long, Erin McCarthy, and Shannon McKenna.
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