Six Sentence Sunday, Mar. 20

Here’s something from the WIP, By Hook or By Crook. To recap, Ivy, the heroine, is determined to save her younger sister, Daisy, from marrying the wrong guy. Her father pairs her with a sexy private detective, Joe Dunham, to find the runaway couple and prevent the marriage. Daisy’s fiance has incurred the wrath of a notorious gangster along the way, so the entire group is in hiding as Ivy continues to try to make Daisy see reason. This scene takes place when Joe learns that not only has Daisy finally succeeded in secretly wedding her inappropriate beau, but that they have also been spotted by the gangsters that are trying to kill them. Daisy calls Joe to ask for help:

Joe rubbed the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes for a moment. “I have to tell you, I don’t really see the point of bailing you out of this mess. When Ivy finds out you’ve married him, she’s going to kill you herself.”
“I was sort of hoping you’d talk her out of that,” Daisy admitted.
“Yeah, ’cause of course Ivy is putty in my hands.” Had anyone in the Smithson family not been put on earth expressly to make his life a living hell?

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About Linda Morris

Linda Morris is a multipublished writer of contemporary and historical romance. She writes stories with heart and heat, and a joke or two thrown in. When she's not writing, working, or mommying, she's doing yoga, reading, working in her flower garden, or baking delicious things she probably shouldn't eat. A beat-up old copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss's "Ashes in the Wind" that her mom bought for her at a garage sale years ago was her "gateway drug" into the world of romance novels. Her all-time favorite romance writers include Laura Kinsale, Patricia Gaffney, Elizabeth Delancey, and Marjorie Ferrell. Current favorites include Julie Anne Long, Erin McCarthy, and Shannon McKenna.
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19 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday, Mar. 20

  1. lol poor guy. Sounds like he's in some trouble.


  2. Great six! I love the hero.


  3. LOL…doesn't look like it, Joe.


  4. Sarah Grimm says:

    I love this six! Poor guy.


  5. Eve Cassidy says:

    Cute six. Like it a lot.


  6. Poor guy, looks like the Smithsons are giving him migraines. lol


  7. Hee! Very funny! I love your voice.


  8. sassyspeaks says:

    sounds like my kinda of story – a little bit of everything – very nice snippet


  9. Pippa Jay says:

    Love that last line, sums up how his working relationship with them is going very clearly.


  10. I like Joe already.


  11. Joe- don't ya know that heroes aren't supposed to have an easy time with it? LOL this is a fun read.


  12. What? Who? When? Married?… More dammit! I need more.


  13. Liana Brooks says:

    Oh now, that just calls for retaliation. That poor boy is going to fall hard. Nice work!


  14. Lindsay says:

    Great six and love the last line.


  15. Misa says:

    Nicely done. I really feel for your poor MMC!Cute blog, too 🙂


  16. Laura Kaye says:

    Love how much we learn about Ivy from this!


  17. Thanks for the positive words of encouragement, guys–I need 'em! I'm polishing it up and hope to send it out in a week or two. (And I have to admit to having a little crush on Joe too.)


  18. Lauri J Owen says:

    I like how we learn so much about the dynamics from this interchange. Great six.


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