Six Sentence Sunday, May 13

Happy Mother’s Day! Between a Mother’s Day event and some work I have to do for the day job, I won’t be commenting much today. I’ll be back next week though!
Here’s another tidbit from the contemporary I’m shopping, By Hook or By Crook. Ivy and Joe (an heiress and her security consultant) had a romantic dalliance while stranded in a mountain cabin during a blizzard. Now that they’re free, Ivy is trying to put the genie back in the bottle again:

“Now that we’re back in the real world, I think we ought to try to put things between us on a more professional footing once again,” Ivy said.
“The real world? I didn’t know we’d ever left it. Tell me about this distinction. Why is this motel parking lot the real world, but a cabin an hour or so away magically isn’t?” His jaw had that pugnacious angle that it took on when he made her life difficult, and Ivy sighed.

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About Linda Morris

Linda Morris is a multipublished writer of contemporary and historical romance. She writes stories with heart and heat, and a joke or two thrown in. When she's not writing, working, or mommying, she's doing yoga, reading, working in her flower garden, or baking delicious things she probably shouldn't eat. A beat-up old copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss's "Ashes in the Wind" that her mom bought for her at a garage sale years ago was her "gateway drug" into the world of romance novels. Her all-time favorite romance writers include Laura Kinsale, Patricia Gaffney, Elizabeth Delancey, and Marjorie Ferrell. Current favorites include Julie Anne Long, Erin McCarthy, and Shannon McKenna.
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11 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday, May 13

  1. Great six! Makes the reader curious to know Ivy's answer.


  2. Nice, Linda. Somehow, I don't think that genie is going to cooperate. Not if Joe has anything to do with it. πŸ˜‰


  3. Calisa Rhose says:

    Lol Gotta love those pugnacious men! Nice six Linda.


  4. Silver James says:

    Pugnacious! I. Love. That. Description. Well done, Linda! Not fair you have to work on Mother's Day but thanks for sharing this six with us. Have a great day.


  5. Great six! I like the sound of a far away cabin. πŸ™‚


  6. Karyn Good says:

    I think that's a very valid question! Great six!


  7. Poor Ivy, she tries so hard to maintain her fiction!


  8. LOL — he's got a great point! Nice six. πŸ™‚


  9. Jess Schira says:

    I adore you're last line and can all but see steam starting to curl out of her ears. Nice job.


  10. I definitely want to know more. Magic cabins sound intriguing!! Fabulous description on his jaw and how it made her feel.


  11. That was GREAT. awesomely and immediately in the story and understanding what's going on.


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