Fool for Romance 2014 Giveaway for $100 Amazon Gift Card!


Welcome to the Fool for Romance 2014 giveaway! You can enter to win a PDF e-book of my latest contemporary romance, The Mason Dixon Line. What’s more, a series of authors are banding together to offer a $100 Amazon gift card.

Carolyn Hart has excelled at one thing her whole life: looking good. She has the beauty and style to turn heads. But making her own way in the world turns out to be a lot tougher than getting elected homecoming queen. She has no idea what she wants to do with her life, her credit card balance is becoming self-aware, and her love life is DOA. And now her boss at Horizons, a school for kids with special needs, has given her an unwelcome assignment: to work with a cartoonist to create a kids’ book as a fundraiser for the school.
Former troubled kid Mason Dixon would do anything for the aunt who took him in after his parents gave up on him. But when he offers to illustrate a kids’ book as a fundraiser for her pet cause, he winds up taking on way more than he bargained for. The gorgeous teacher’s aide he’s assigned to work with challenges him at every turn and makes him wonder if there’s any line he won’t cross for her.

Use the Rafflecopter to enter to win The Mason Dixon Line, and travel to the Fool for Romance site to enter to win the giftcard! Good luck!

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About Linda Morris

Linda Morris is a multipublished writer of contemporary and historical romance. She writes stories with heart and heat, and a joke or two thrown in. When she's not writing, working, or mommying, she's doing yoga, reading, working in her flower garden, or baking delicious things she probably shouldn't eat. A beat-up old copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss's "Ashes in the Wind" that her mom bought for her at a garage sale years ago was her "gateway drug" into the world of romance novels. Her all-time favorite romance writers include Laura Kinsale, Patricia Gaffney, Elizabeth Delancey, and Marjorie Ferrell. Current favorites include Julie Anne Long, Erin McCarthy, and Shannon McKenna.
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9 Responses to Fool for Romance 2014 Giveaway for $100 Amazon Gift Card!

  1. Lily B says:

    i really enjoy the funny romantic reads because they can be silly but make me giggle and warm my heart. Thank you for the giveaway!

    lilypondreads at gmail dot com


  2. Carol Yemola says:

    I love funny romantic reads because it gives me something to smile about and makes me feel good. Light-hearted and fun, they take me away from my busy life and put me in a feel good place!


  3. BookLady says:

    I like to read funny romantic books because they make me laugh and provide a good escape from reality. Thanks for the great giveaway.


  4. I love love, so I’ve always been a fan of romantic stories. Somewhere along the line I developed this need to make myself happy and laugh – I love to laugh. Combine the two into a story and I’m all over it! I love going on a journey of two people falling in love and laughing along the way. 🙂


  5. bn100 says:

    they make you happy

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com


  6. falicesidoma says:

    I love the funny romance books because they put a smile on my face, help me get in a better place (in my head) if i am having a bad day. Also I love a good laugh


  7. Kathy O says:

    Sounds like a cute romantic story and I would love to read it. Thank you for the chance.
    Koala571 (at) msn (dot) com


  8. Linda, I’ve wanted to read this since you were tour w/Goddess Fish Promotions! *Fingers crossed*

    ilookfamous at yahoo dot com


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