ONLY YOU is now available!


My sexy new contemporary romance, Only You, is now available! Set in the sizzling world of modern day burlesque, this story was so much fun to write. I hope you have as much fun reading Henry and Daisy’s story as I did bringing it to life. We open with the heroine onstage, performing her routine:

She was coming. For him. His hand tightened on his shot glass, every muscle in his body tensing. Heat surged over his face as she came close enough for him to catch her scent, something dark and floral. Her soft white hand landed atop his that clutched his glass, lying lightly as a butterfly on his tensely gripped fist. Her eyes were violet. His eyes watered as he strove to maintain focus. He’d never seen a girl with violet eyes before. And such thick, smoky lashes. A dark swoop of eyeliner winged away from the outer corner of her eye, a tiny rhinestone mysteriously affixed at the tip.

At the end of a verse about being a fast-moving gal who wanted her guy to take things slow, she winked and tossed her head, black glossy hair gleaming. “How are you doing, birthday boy?”

When the other performers had teased him, he’d thought it embarrassing and foolish. But when this insanely desirable creature did it, he glowed like a nuclear reactor. The vodka had nothing on her ability to intoxicate him.

“Good.” Thank God he hadn’t stuttered.

“And were you good this year?”

“I think so.” How could he possibly be expected to remember when she looked at him like that? He could barely remember his name.

“Do you need a spanking?” She bent from the waist and led a crimson-tipped nail caress the bottom of his chin. It took every bit of gentlemanly resolve not to stare straight down her jacket into the deep cleft between her breasts. He probably shouldn’t worry about gentlemanly resolve when he was hammered and being hit on by a stripper, but it had been ingrained pretty deep into him by his mother.


“But do you want one?” she said, earning a laugh from the crowd.

His brows rose, completely out of his control. “Ah, I’m not into that, but if you are–” He broke off when the crowd roared.

She laughed, a sincere, hearty laugh that tore out of her. It was an honest gesture that broke through the artifice of her performance for just a moment, and he blinked, realizing he’d had a brief connection with the real woman behind the femme fatale.

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I’m in Entangled’s holiday anthology, available for preorder for only 99 cents!

Check out these three romantic comedy novellas from Entangled:

Special needs teacher Kayla Johnston is supposed to be schmoozing at a swanky school fundraiser. Instead, she careens into a snowbank on the side of the road…straight into the path of a wickedly handsome stranger. When their chemistry ignites, Kayla’s New Year’s Eve begins to show some seriously sexy promise…

YOURS AT MIDNIGHT by Robin Bielman
Four years ago, Quinn Sobel gave Lyric Whetsone the night of her life…then disappeared. Now he’s back to make amends, but Lyric has a secret that could drive Quinn from her life forever.

Eliza knows plenty about sexy cowboy Christian Yerrick, the man who crushed her heart when they were kids. Back in town, she’s determined to avoid Chris altogether…until she accidentally rear-ends his truck on New Years Eve, and the fireworks between them burn hotter than the Vegas Strip…

Buy now.

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New for the holidays: A three-author bundle from Entangled!


Great news! My bestselling holiday novella, Melting the Millionaire’s Heart, is being reissued as part of a three-author romantic comedy bundle by Entangled. I share billing with Robin Bielman and C.M. Stone, and all three novellas cost only 99 cents! It’s a great way to inject a little quality “you” time into your busy holiday season and try out new authors for a very affordable price! Now available for preorder at Entangled.

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My Christmas gift to you: My mom’s English toffee recipe!

IMAG0909I should stop giving out this recipe. When someone tries my toffee (well, technically, my mom’s toffee) for the first time, they think I’m a candy-making genius. Then they see how easy the recipe is, and they figure out that no, any dunderhead can do it. But my loss in culinary prestige is your gain in delicious, easy-to-make toffee! Without further ado, here goes.

You will need:

1 C finely chopped pecans (the pecan pieces you can buy pre-chopped work just fine)
3/4 C packed brown sugar
1/2 C (1 stick) butter
1/2 C semisweet chocolate chips.

Spray a 9 X 9 X 2 pan with cooking spray and sprinkle the chopped pecans evenly on the bottom. Have the chocolate chips measured out and have a piece of foil big enough to cover the pan ready to go — you’ll be working quickly once you get started.

Heat sugar and butter, stirring constantly, in a saucepan over med. heat until the butter melts and the sugar is dissolved. When the mixture starts to boil, set a timer for 7 minutes. Stir constantly. If you stop even briefly, it will burn.IMAG0905

At the end of seven minutes, pour the butter/sugar mixture over the pecans, spreading it evenly with a spatula. Now sprinkle the chocolate chips over that evenly and cover the pan with foil to aid in melting the chocolate.

After a couple of minutes, remove the foil and use the spatula to spread the now-melting chocolate chips into a thin layer. (If they’re not quite melted, put the foil back on for a few minutes.)

Let it cool until hardened, usually a couple of hours. (Put it in the fridge if you’re the impatient type.) To serve, break up the toffee into pieces with the point of a sharp knife. Voila! Instant Christmas cheer.

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Screwball, the next novel in the Hard Hitters series, now available!

Young hunky business man

Passion dominates the diamond in the second novel in this fun and flirty baseball romance series by the author of High Heat. (That’s me!)
Paul Dudley, president of the Plainview Thrashers, is spinning out of control. Preserving his family’s baseball legacy in these tough times takes everything he’s got, and constant clashes with his father have left him struggling for authority over the team and even his own future. So when sports reporter Willow Bourne, a one-night-stand from a year ago, walks back into his life, he knows he can’t give into his feelings for her—no matter how strong they are.

Willow never expected to see Paul again, and she’s got her reasons for keeping her distance. Except the more time she spends around Paul, the harder it is to hide her secrets—or stop herself from falling head over heels.

As the sparks between them fly, Paul discovers what Willow has been concealing from him, leaving him with a difficult choice—keep the team his top priority or make his own legacy by following his heart…


Single mother Willow Bourne has a mountain of debt, a newborn, and a brand-new job as a sports blogger. When her new boss sends her to Plainview, Indiana to profile Paul Dudley, president of the minor-league Thrashers team, she desperately needs for things to go right for once:

She swallowed to calm the fluttering rising in her stomach and tried not to think about how much was riding on this. Tracy, the Thrashers PR rep, had warned her that neither Paul Dudley nor his father, Walter, was completely on board with the idea of a long-term profile. She had to persuade them of the wisdom of the idea. Nate was counting on it, and counting on her.

Tracy led her down the hall and rapped on a half-open door. “Paul, Willow Bourne from Screwball is here.”

“Come in,” a masculine voice said from within.

Tracy pushed the door wide and stood back to let Willow pass. She entered and had a quick impression of a modest office decorated with photos and memorabilia before her eyes found the man behind the desk.

Her legs stopped working and her heart went cold.


She stopped dead, a jerky movement with no grace. His eyes were focused on his laptop screen. She remembered those blue eyes well. She saw them staring back at her from her son’s face every day.

His eyes flickered up to hers, froze and then looked back. “Willow?” The same shock and disbelief that had to be on her face was stark on his.

She had to make a split-second decision, and she did it from instinct. Keep cool and admit nothing. Yet.

Aware of Tracy watching them, she forced her legs to move her forward, extending her hand. “I’m Willow Bourne, from Screwball.”

Paul rose and took her hand, his own warm and strong, like she remembered from the night on the beach.

“I know. We’ve met. I mean, how have you been?”

She pulled her hand free and sat in one of the empty chairs in front of his desk, before realizing he hadn’t actually asked her to take a seat.

“Do you two know each other?” Tracy asked, her eyes flickering back and forth between the two of them.

“Yes,” Paul said, as Willow said, “Not really.”

Other than biblically, of course.

Now available for preorder at    .

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High Heat, a Hard Hitters Novel, Is Now Available!

HighHeat (3) (1)

Small-town Indiana tomboy Sarah Dudley grew up living and breathing baseball, since her father owned the minor league Plainview Thrashers. A talented player herself, she idolized her brother’s best friend: Tom Cord, a pitcher with a wicked fastball and an even more wicked reputation.

Now, Sarah is the Thrashers’ VP of public relations, and Tom—a star in the major leagues—has been assigned to the club while rehabbing from surgery. It’s Sarah’s job to keep the hard-throwing, hard-living star out of trouble. But when she gets a glimpse of the man behind the bad-boy image, they start to generate more heat than an inside fastball…


Sarah was not Tom’s usual kind of girl, not by a long shot, and he was definitely not her kind of guy. The pickings tended to be slim for a single professional woman in Plainview, which was why she’d been seeing her CPA on and off for a couple of years.
Worse, she was front office and Tom was a player.
Her eyes snapped open and she stopped him with a trembling hand to his chest. “Hold it there, bud. I’m in management. I don’t date players.” What had she been thinking? He’d been in town all of a day and she’d almost fallen into his arms without a fight.
She exited the car with all due haste and slammed the door behind her, glaring at him through the window.
He unfolded his long body and extracted himself from the car. Unhurried, he closed the door and leaned against it, shaking his head with a smile. “Maybe so. But you ain’t never met a player like me before.”

Now available  at    .

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Just a Touch, Excerpt #1


Long hours at her laptop developing a new video game hasn’t been kind to Marisa Finley’s waistline. Burned out, exhausted, and more than a little insecure about her body, she checks into a luxury spa resort in Sedona, Arizona, hoping to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle.

Once her best friend twists her arm to get her to disrobe for the incredibly hot massage therapist, Marisa finds herself relaxing under his healing hands. And maybe enjoying herself just a little too much.

An aspiring pro mountain biker who supports himself working at the spa, Gage Acton has always kept it strictly professional with his clients. But when things get unexpectedly steamy during Marisa’s massage, he’s left as confused and embarrassed as she is. And maybe just a little disappointed to watch her luscious backside in full retreat.

It should have ended there…until an unplanned encounter on a hiking trail gives them a second chance to start off on the right foot.

Warning: The chemistry between this hero and heroine is hotter than the Arizona desert.

In honor of my sexy spa story, Just a Touch, releasing in one week, here’s a fun excerpt:

She followed Gage into a low-lit area where soft ambient sounds played. Even in the
dimness, the space gleamed with hardwoods and bamboo. A massage table covered with heavy fabric sat in the middle of the floor, and a mat rested a couple of feet away on the ground. Sweat beaded at her temples. This room was noticeably warmer than the waiting area. White pillar candles flickered, filling the air with a soft fragrance.
“What is that smell?”
“Chamomile. Karen suggested it for you. She said you were looking for calm.”
“Oh.” They’d discussed her? The thought set her on edge. So much for calm.
“If the scent bothers you, I can blow them out.”
“No, it’s lovely. Really.” Far more troubling was the thought of what Karen might have
said to Gage about her. She didn’t like the idea of him already thinking of her as a neurotic workaholic. She was a neurotic workaholic, but no reason for him to know that already.

Available on  and .


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