Editorial Services


Looking for an editor for your self-published novel? Or maybe you’re going the traditional publishing route, getting rejections, and don’t know why. Maybe you’re just hoping to get your novel polished up to maximize your chances with an editor or agent. I can help you for a reasonable rate.

Services offered:

  • Copyedits: I can polish your manuscript, fix spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors, and check for continuity problems. For an additional fee, I’ll scour your manuscript for style issues that will cause it to be rejected by editors, such as the use of passive voice or overuse of dialogue tags, adverbs, adjectives, and “filter words.”
  • Story edits/development: I’ll provide feedback on your style, plot, characters, and more to let you know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Formatting: I can format your novel for Amazon’s Kindle e-reader, the dominant e-reader in the U.S. e-book market. Put your effort into making your story the best it can be and let me take care of the tedious formatting.
  • Proofreading: I can give your edited manuscript the final read-through it needs to be sure it’s ready for publication.

My experience and credentials:

  • Agented, published author of nine romance novels, with prestigious publishers such as Berkley and Entangled
  • PAN (Published Author Network) member of Romance Writers of America
  • Freelance editor of non-fiction books and online educational materials with 12 years of experience working for major publishers, including Wiley Publishing, McGraw-Hill, and Pearson
  • Experienced beta and critique reader in all subgenres of romance
  • Experienced copyeditor of romance for Interlude Press, a successful independent LGBT publisher
  • Editor of a romance that received a Starred Review in Publishers Weekly
  • Experienced proofreader with years of experience working for major publishers

Contact me at linda@lindamorrisbooks.com for rates and more information. References are available on request. Because every project is different, I may request a sample of your work to enable me to quote you a fair rate.



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