‘Gone Girl’ Book Review

Gone Girl: A Story That Captivates 

There are books that are so iconic that it is difficult to find people who have not read them. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is one such book. It has proven so popular that it has been adapted into a movie. The film adaptation is essentially an endorsement of the book and an indication that the creators of the film felt that it should be made available to a broader audience. For the few who are yet to experience the thrill and pleasure that Gone Girl delivers, it is not too late to give the novel a try. 

What is the book about? 

When two people who have read the book are asked to provide summaries, they are likely to give different accounts and versions. The book is so complex, and multilayered that every reader takes away different insights and lessons. Gone Girl follows a married couple, Nick and Amy. Their marriage is turbulent and unhappy. The sorry state of the marriage can be seen in the tones and perspectives that the two adopt in describing their union. While Amy speaks of the marriage in the past tense, Nick uses the present test. The different tenses point to divisions between the two.

After introducing the reader to the troubled marriage, Gone Girl proceeds to roll out a series of events that leave readers hooked and deeply engaged. Both Nick and Amy lose their job and following pressure from Nick who wishes to take care of his ailing mother, a decision is made to move to Missouri. Amy resents the move which imposes even more strains on the already struggling marriage. 

On what should be the wedding anniversary, Amy flees. The police become involved and Nick is considered a suspect in the disappearance of the wife. It is later revealed that Amy is indeed alive while creating the impression that Nick had killed her. She then engages in a series of despicable acts that are designed to further implicate Nick in her murder. As the story progresses, readers learn that Amy eventually agrees to return to Nick who is forced to accept her back after finding out that she is pregnant. 

Why should I read it?

There are many reasons why one should read Flynn’s Gone Girl. The main reason is that the novel is simply very intriguing. The narration is so compelling that readers will struggle to hold themselves from turning to the next page before completing what is on one page. Flynn demonstrates her mastery of drama by using two ordinary individuals to tell a story that many readers will find to be remarkably interesting and fun. Furthermore, the novel tells its story in a way that is so unpretentious yet so refreshing. 

The fact that it contains many plot twists is another reason for reading Gone Girl. Unlike other narratives which tend to be linear and predictable, Gone Girl makes use of plot twists to keep readers interested and engaged. When a reader thinks that the story will unfold in a particular way, the novel surprises and disappointments them with a twist. For those who plan to read the novel, it is advised that they should brace for an unrivalled thrill. The book is best read when one is calm and preferably seated. This is the only way that readers can survive the many twists.

Gone Girl is founded on two characters who seem simple, plain and boring on the surface. However, as one reads further, they discover that Nick and Amy are actually multidimensional and tremendously interesting. The betrayals, the selfishness, and the hate combined with displays of love that the two exhibit imbues the novel with a level of depth that has become rare. Nick and Amy are such interesting characters that while some readers will hate them, others will approach them with adoration.

Flynn has built a reputation for literary excellence. Reading Gone Girl helps one to understand the hype that usually surrounds Flynn’s works. The hype is indeed justified. The plot of the book begins at a small pace before accelerating to levels where some readers will struggle to keep up. Moreover, the book tells its story in a way that is non-threatening and friendly. For this reason, Gone Girl will earn the trust and confidence of readers wishing to engage with a work that pushes them to the limits of their patience and fortitude while allowing them to experience what unravels without being hurried. 

In Gone Girl, Flynn maintains the same spirit and style that can be seen in her other works. However, she remembers to ensure that Gone Girl is unique and special. While the same darkness found in her other novels is still visible in Gone Girl, it is toned down somewhat. This feature will help the book to gain the attention and interest of readers who are fans of Flynn but who wish to be wowed with something fresh and different. Gone Girl is fresh and different. 

  Most of the strengths of Gone Girl are issues that readers actually care about. However, there are some noteworthy elements of her book that are rather technical but still crucial. Prose is among these elements. Harnessing the power of proper prose, Flynn reminds readers of why she is so admired and respected. She uses prose to address sensitive topics in a way that makes these topics less intimidating and easier for audiences to interact with. 

Reasons to stay away

Whereas it is true that Gone Girl has many features that have helped it to draw massive audience, there are some limitations that could scare away some readers. One of the drawbacks of the book is that some readers may feel that it departs too far away from the style that Flynn has traditionally used in her works. These readers will certainly be disappointed. However, even after diluting her style, Flynn is still able to retain readers who are able to look beyond technical issues and allow themselves to be overwhelmed by Flynn’s genius. 

Another shortcoming that holds Gone Girl back is that it lacks the rawness that some readers desire. It appears that before its publication, the book was subjected to a rigorous editing process. The editors must have then removed all the raw elements that would have made Gone Girl more interesting. Therefore, while it remains interesting, Flynn’s novel lacks the punch, weight and dimension that would help it to capture the attention of a larger audience. This failure underscores the importance of authors maintaining the same style and approach that have allowed them to establish a massive fan following. In Gone Girl, Flynn appears to have abandoned the style that enabled her to win over readers. 

Verdict  Even the meanest critics will be forced to acknowledge that Gone Girl is a masterpiece. This book does not pretend to be what it is not. Instead, it makes it clear from the very beginning that it is about a couple in a marriage that is crumbling. There are no politics and Flynn does not try to hard to appease her readers. This book easily earns five stars.

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